An oversized venue door is calling my man sausage

Over the last two days I could have repeatedly slammed a door on my “man sausage”. Instead, I spent some time in a room of major venue managers from the Asia Pacific region looking for content other than “Cats” to fill their too large and too expensive-to-run venues. 

“Why is there a lack of good content to fill our theatres?” they cried. “No local producers can fill our space”.
The producer of “Cats” (who was in the room) seemed quite happy that cities around the world have built these huge theatres that are really only financially viable with the kind of productions he presents. Funny that.

Meanwhile in other parts of the day in the other (smaller) room, performers and producers from the Asia Pacific region creating exciting and interesting work that can fill out smaller spaces discussed why there is a lack of usable affordable smaller spaces to fill out and tour in.

These producers and artists could develop the show to work in bigger venues with more investment, but unfortunately that money is being shovelled into the stupidly sized venues that can only be filled by international producers with global brand shows.

Now, excuse me, I hear a door calling my man sausage.

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