A thank you to our board and not-for-profit board members everywhere

It’s just on a week after the Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited Annual General Meeting and yet again I amazed that we have such an accomplished, committed and, let’s face it, extremely busy board of seven people committing their time and energy to our little organisation.

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That’s right, people with lots of experience who can charge a fair whack of money for their time or who could be working on their own projects, spending time with their families or even trying to belatedly get started on the box set of Game of Thrones or Glitch are instead volunteering their time to govern Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited.

Being a volunteer board member may appear a thankless task with all the quarterly meetings, minutes, agendas, motions and actions. Yes, the Board are more focussed on what for many artists would be considered the tedious parts of an organisation: what is the risk, where are the finances, what is the plan, have legal requirements been fulfilled, etc?

There’s a very good reason for that though. The Board are liable if anything goes wrong so the level of trust they need to have in the organisation executive is extraordinary.

To make a decision to join a board and be part of an organisation is a big one for anyone to make and then to maintain.  Yes, we provide projections and have key indicators that can track our progress, but when it comes down to it, there still has to be a lot of trust and I’m humbled that we have that from our board collectively and individually. We will keep doing everything we can to maintain that trust.

On Wednesday 16th November we welcomed three new board members: Alex Podger, Gary McDonald and Megan Lavender. Their extensive skillsets range from TV production, councils, sports and the production of site specific theatre amongst many other talents.

They are joining Doug Brimblecombe (Chair), Jeremy Wicht (Treasurer), Helen Astbury and Howard Duggan who bring skills from publishing, large scale touring, regional health, accounting and financial practices, philanthropy and fundraising.

Just as importantly, our board bring a critical eye and a collection of voices that helps Anywhere Theatre Festival be bolder and better than it could be otherwise and for that I am extremely thankful.

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