Tuesday 6 February 2018

Realised today that Big Fork’s application for a BCC space hasn’t gone through. For some reason I thought they had already gone direct to the venue. They hadn’t and now we need to play catch up.

Toni is having fun with a part of Sunshine Coast Council. The Arts and events section are extremely positive and getting great value out of us but we have now got stuck in the Permits area who are treating our little 20 to 100 audience events as if it is the Big Day Out. I think they’ll get it eventually, but over a phone conversation with Toni it also became obvious that I’ve got to sort out the risk assessment and tie it all up with an event plan, waste, liquor, etc so that we can streamline the process for everyone performing in a public space, whether it is in Brisbane or Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.

Noosa have been a lot easy to deal with and have been able to arrange a blanket permit, and Brisbane we will be a little cog in the system so that shouldn’t be an issue – just a matter of getting the fee waived.

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