Disruptive thinking

It is fascinating to see how many innovations came from people with backgrounds in areas different to the area they made the discovery in. It is fascinating to see how often these paradigm shifting moments come from the same type of people.

The word going around is “iconoclast”. It is being used to describe the people who perceive things differently as if it is something that only certain people can do.

There may be truth in that idea but how often have you noticed that things cans be done differently? Taking that a step further, how often has that happened when in a new situation? A new job, new house, new place? And how often have you sat on that thought… and then lost it?

Next time, use that window of opportunity to have that insight before it disappears and you start to view your surroundings  just like every other person who has been there for years.

That’s the first and easiest way to come up with a disruptive idea and cause a paradigm shift.

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